Wet Technique Liposuction in Mexico

The Wet Liposuction technique – which requires general anesthesia – the injection of approximately 100 milliliters of local anesthesia containing epinephrine may be used in very small areas for fat removal, but is not very common.

The treatment site is injected with a solution to break down the fatty tissue. Because the amount of blood flowing to the area is limited, there is less bruising and swelling. Approximately fifteen percent (15%) of the fluid removed by super wet liposuction is blood

Tumescent liposuction Mexico is similar to wet liposuction with the difference propositioning a larger volume of solution for treatment.

The term wet liposuction comes from the solution that is injected into the treatment site to break up the fat.

Wet Liposuction Technique

Alternatively known as the Illouz Method, the wet technique uses general anesthesia to avoid any pain during the surgery liposuction.

As the saline solution permeates the treatment area, a small incision is made and a cannula is inserted to further break down the fatty tissue and suction it out. If the treatment area is large, more than one incision is made. The fat is suctioned with the help of a blunt cannula; the cannula is removed and the incision is stitched up.

Benefits of the Wet Liposuction

Benefits of the wet technique in Mexico involve reduced bleeding. However, blood still dangerously comprises almost 15%-20% of the total tissues removed from the body. Swelling, bruising, and post-operative scars are also reduced.

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