Super Wet Technique Liposuction in Mexico

Super Wet liposuction is a middle path between the wet technique Mexico requiring very low volume of fluid and the tumescent Mexico method using almost thrice the amount of solution compared to the quantity of fat being removed from the body.

Surgical blood loss with the super wet technique is greater than the tumescent technique but significantly less than the wet technique. Approximately eight percent (8%) of the fluid removed by super wet liposuction is blood.

Super wet liposuction has the same benefits as wet liposuction in that there is minimal bleeding, swelling and bruising.

Super Wet Technique

The Super Wet technique is similar to that of the wet technique except that the amount of solution introduced in the body is high here. The solution consists as usual of saline, epinephrine and lidocaine.

In addition, mostly this technique is executed on general anesthesia. Sometimes lidocaine (local anesthesia) may be used. The amount of local anesthesia used is lower than that in wet lipo suction. Therefore, the skin is not as numb. The suction is similar to that of tumescent liposuction.

Benefits of Super Wet Liposuction

The benefits of super wet technique include less blood loss and low pain, bruising, and swelling due to the lower blood loss, pain, swelling, and bruising are also controlled.

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