Liposuction Postop Recovery

Liposuction Mexico recovery depends on how much fat was extracted and where in the body the procedure took place.

After surgery, the areas of the body that were treated get wrapped firmly to reduce swelling, pain and visible signs of bruising.

Recovery from liposuction surgery generally takes up to two weeks. Since the incisions made in liposuction procedures are very small, the recovery period tends to be very quick.

Wear your compression garments and be patient with your body. The final results may be visible anywhere from 1-6 months post-op and continues to improve with time as swelling slowly begins to lessen.

Results achieved from a liposuction can be provided that the patient maintains the weight achieved. Following a liposuction procedure, if a patient goes back to a prior lifestyle or an unhealthy diet, the results may seem to vanish with time.

It is imperative that patients do not think of liposuction Mexico as a form of weight loss, but regard it as a body contouring procedure. A patient who undergoes liposuction is merely given a jump start to lead a life of enhanced appearance and better health.

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