Ultrasonic (UAL) Liposuction in Mexico

Ultrasonic Liposuction is a newer technique, such as power-assisted liposuction which is often utilized today. The ultrasonic liposuction technique is advantageous for patients who have areas of the body where fibrous tissue and fat are interspersed, such as the chest or the flanks.

Sound waves are introduced to rupture the fat cells, and the liquefied material is suctioned out. You may be a good candidate for ultrasonic liposuction if you have areas containing both fibrous tissue and fat—due to heredity or a previous procedure. UAL is ideal on areas of the body including the chest, love handles, backs, buttocks, hips, thighs, and areas of the abdomen.

Ultrasonic (UAL) Technique

During UAL, a small wand or cannula is introduced under the skin and emits a high-energy sound wave which causes fat cells to vibrate, burst and release liquefied fat. These particles blend with the body fluids and tumescent solution. A low volume suction device can then draw them out easily. A gentle suction gesticulation is then implemented to remove the fat.

The surgery can be performed under general, epidural, or topical anesthesia, depending on the surgeon’s selection and the treatment area.

Risks of Ultrasonic (UAL) Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction poses relatively few risks. Bleeding, infection or small burns can occur, though these are rare. It’s possible to experience contour irregularities which can be improved in a second procedure.

There are so many liposuction techniques and alternatives available today. It takes a knowledgeable surgeon with experience in a variety of approaches to tailor a liposuction procedure to your needs.

Benefits of Ultrasonic (UAL) Liposuction

Benefits of ultrasound assisted liposuction include ultrasonic that effortlessly break the dense and fibrous fat, less cell trauma, large volume liposuction which can remove large amounts and skin firming post surgery which allows the skin to firm itself after surgery.

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