CoolLipo in Mexico

CoolLipo is a method of liposuction that employs laser wavelengths to dissolve fat and firm the skin. Good candidates for liposuction Mexico are in good health and are not implicating the procedure as a weight loss technique, but rather for body contouring and sculpturing.

CoolLipo was designed by CoolTouch, Inc specifically aimed for smaller areas of treatment on the face, chin and neck. This includes fat deposits that are particularly stubborn and resistant to any kind of weight loss or traditional liposuction.

The conception of laser lipolysis is less invasive than a full face or neck lift and the recovery time is substantially shorter.

CoolLipo Technique

A cannula and laser are used in the fatty portions of the jowls, chin or neck to remove excess or fatty tissue. The CoolLipo laser is specifically designed to protect tissues other than fat and is prodigious for skin tightening and collagen renewal.

CoolLipo employs a short pulse width that ensures maximum fat removal and that non fatty tissues are protected. Once the fat is disrupted and removed, the skin in the face and neck firms and tightens for a youthful appearance, with minimal healing time.

Risks of CoolLipo

CoolLipo is employed with only local anesthetics which lessen the risk to the patient and the overall cost of the procedure. If you’re looking for a facial rejuvenation through liposuction, CoolLipo may be an excellent option for you.

Benefits of CoolLipo

Benefits of CoolLipo include target Precision to prevent or minimize the damage to the surrounding tissues and blood capillaries, skin firming, and local anesthesia.

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