Excessive Liposuction

Excessive liposuction is related to removing too much fat from a targeted region at one time. Excessive liposuction can lead to dents, lumps and sagging skin.

Excessive liposuction immensely stresses the body tissues, which results in toxin accumulation in the body. In addition, liposuction being unnatural fat removal method, the body may consider its excess as some foreign body invasion and may generate antibodies against it. Consequently, instead of healing, the body condition may retard.

Excessive fat extraction damages the body’s tissues and blood vessels, leading to blood clotting and internal bleeding. This too may lead to unconsciousness, coma, and death.

Extreme liposuction requires an increased amount of anesthesia so that the numbness lasts longer. In addition, due to numbness, the patient may not be able to indicate the discomfort, such as skin burn, that an accidental excess fluid infusion causes. This all may lead to toxicity risk in the body.

Excessive liposuction may result in skin irregularities, such as swelling, sagging, wrinkling, rippling, blemishing, lumping, discoloration, dimpling, bruising, scarring, etc.

The goal of liposuction Mexico is to achieve the best possible results strictly within the safe levels of fat removal. Health is the number one priority of Mexico liposuction surgeons.

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