Liposuction for your Arms

The arms are a consistent region of the body that yields a high level of patient gratification and after liposuction surgery in Mexico.

Troubled by embarrassment of sleeveless shirts or flabby upper arms men and women, young and healthy with good skin tone and modest fat hypertrophy are increasingly seeking arm liposuction Mexico due to excess fat hypertrophy, severe weight loss or simply genetics.

Under expert care and evaluation, the liposuction surgeon in Mexico measures your arms to give you a treatment plan for your desired results.

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Liposuction of the arms will not affect the quality of skin. The types of liposuction commonly used for the arms are circumferential liposuction, suction lipectomy with or without axillary skin tightening, circumferential liposuction with t-incision and purse string closure and brachioplasty.

Skin elasticity is a vital source when considering liposuction of the arms and how your arms will appear after surgery. Tumescent liposuction Mexico using microcannulas provides excellent cosmetic results for arm liposuction in Mexico.

Arm liposuction Mexico will greatly reduce the fatty deposits in the upper arm regions and around the armpits and shoulders. You will see dramatic improvements in the arms and shoulders, revealing a more youthful, toned and contoured appearance.

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