Liposuction for the Face and Neck

Everyone wants to see and have a nice profile and a more chiseled jaw line. The aging process can really make an impact on appearances with the loss of elasticity. As we get older, the gravitational pull only leads in one direction – down.

No exercise will eliminate the loose skin and excess fat that accumulates in the chin, neck and jowls.

Face liposuction Mexico and neck liposuction Mexico are the safest and most effective technique for removing fat from the chin, cheeks and jowls. Liposuction Mexico involves fewer complications, fewer scars, avoids the dangers of general anesthesia, has a more rapid recovery, lower costs, and typically gives a more natural appearance compared to a facelift.

Subcutaneous fat can also reside in the front of the neck or below the jaw area creating the appearance of a double-chin. If you have too much subcutaneous fat in your cheeks, you may feel like you appear chubby especially if you are not suffering from obesity. The jowls are the fatty areas residing on the lower cheek, resting over the jaw bone.

Liposuction of the face, neck or chin can help tighten the skin, remove excess fat, and restore the clean, smooth, defined profile.

Facial Liposuction Mexico for Women

Women who have local deposits of subcutaneous fat in the face and neck and who have excessively wrinkled skin will often get better results from liposuction combined with either a laser resurfacing or a chemical peel, than they would from a facelift.

Facial Liposuction Mexico for Men

Men often choose tumescent liposuction over a facelift because the tell-tail scars and the surgical-look of a facelift are not acceptable for a man.

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